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Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable seafood is a heavily discussed topic with many misconceptions. Is farmed fish bad for me and the environment? Are farmed fish treated with antibiotics and growth hormones? What wild fish are OK to eat and which aren't?

Here are some FAQ's and other resources...

Q:  Is fresh or frozen better?

A:  With all fish and shellfish, use your eyes and nose. Fresh fish should have bright color, bright gills, the eyes should not be cloudy or sunken. If your whole fish is slimy, that is a GOOD thing. This film protects the fish in the water, and it's presence means it was recently harvested. Frozen seafood should be well packaged, bright in color, with no ice crystals or dry spots forming. Both fresh and frozen fish maintain their nutritional qualities very well!

Q:  Is farmed fish safe to eat?

A:  Farmed fish is very high in Omega-3 oils and contain virtually no mercury or other hard metals. This is due to their very-controlled diet. In the US, fish farmers are highly regulated and follow the same safety protocols as land farmers. The best farmers do not use antibiotics and zero growth hormones. The health benefits these fish enjoy are then passed on to consumers!

Q:  Is aquaculture bad for the environment?

A:  In the US, aquaculture farms are required to follow protocols that minimize the impact from their practices. Among these practices are farm site rotation, utilizing the least amount of feed needed, and keeping their equipment properly maintained. Farmed shellfish actually benefit their environment as they are filter feeders and help stabilize and grow healthy shorelines!

Q:  Where can I get more information about the seafood I purchase?

A:  There are many places to get reliable and transparent information. Among these are the Monterrey Bay Seafood Watch, Marine Stewardship Council, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and Best Aquaculture Practices


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